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This Website Has CopyRights 2012-2024
Any copied links,articles,graphics,Images,text and art we will take further action.

Copyright differs from other intellectual property in that copyright is automatically created when a person creates a copyrightable work that is an original literary (including software code),link text,dramatic, musical, or artistic work. There is no need to register such an original work in order for it to be copyrighted. As soon as an individual creates an original piece of art, for example, they have an automatic copyright on the resulting work.

Both the U.S. and Canadian governments, however, recommend registering your copyright in order to provide an extra layer of protection. Your copyright certificate can be used in a court of law to provide evidence of ownership, making your legal case stronger.

This protection even extends internationally to a degree. Unlike other intellectual property rights, copyrights are automatically applicable to many countries that have copyright treaties with the U.S. and Canada.

Copyright Infringement
Penalties for copyright infringement can be quite severe, depending on the nature of the offense. These can include fines of up to $250,000 in the U.S. and $1 million in Canada, plus attorney and court costs. Additionally, any items that violate copyright can be impounded, and the offender may be eligible for jail time.

Because of these harsh consequences for copyright infringement, it's important to know copyright laws—both to protect your own rights and avoid infringing on those of others.

Exactly What Can be Protected by Copyright?
Copyright law applies to a broad range of intellectual property including:

Writings of almost any kind—books, articles, reviews,link text, poems, essays, blogs, etc., whether online or in print, and plays or writings for movies or broadcast
Website contents—including text,Link text, pictures, graphics, and even the page layout
Computer programs—including business, personal, and entertainment
Motion pictures or audio—movies, TV programs, podcasts, etc.
Music—including lyrics and instrumentals, both recorded and performed
Artistic works—visual arts of any kind including paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc., but also including graphics, maps, charts, and photography
Original architectural designs—including designs for municipal, commercial, and residential buildings and ​structures such as bridges, highways, and tunnels
As the U.S. Copyright Office defines it, "Copyright does not protect facts, ideas, systems, or methods of operation, although it may protect the way these things are expressed." Essentially, for something to be copyrightable, it must have some sort of tangible expression.

How Long Does a Copyright Last?
Copyright duration varies from country to country. In Canada, copyright lasts for the duration of the creator's life plus 50 years from the end of the calendar year of the creator's death. In the United States and the United Kingdom, copyright lasts for the life of the creator plus 70 years.

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